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First gudgeon caught by a member after the Society's formation

Members of the Grand Union Gobio Gobio Society (GUGGS) are dedicated to the pursuit and capture of canal gudgeon - you could say we're ga-ga about gobbies. Formed in June 2009, our ultimate aim is for one of our number to catch a specimen to break the UK gudgeon record (currently 140g / 5oz) but we're not holding our breath on that one, and generally we're happy to catch them of any size.

The picture above shows the first gudgeon caught by a member after the Society came into being, weighing in at just 12g. Unlike anglers in some of the more common specialist areas of the sport, we don't know the fish's name, we have no idea what its weight was last time it was caught or in fact whether it had ever been caught before.

REQUEST FOR HELP! As of January 2015, we've been trying to find a 50g canal gudgeon for well over five years. If you know of a canal venue that produces fish around that size PLEASE contact us and we'll try to organise a Society excursion.

( UPDATE - showing ourselves to be open to requests from members, we now allow specimen gudgeon to be given names. The GUGGS definition of specimen weight is 25g 30g and above, and for fish caught in 2015 the chosen name must begin with the letter M.)